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Hemlock and Cedar

A pictorial memorial to my first two standard poodles

Updated 04/29/2007

2006 was a sad year.  We lost dear Hemlock and Cedar within 6 months of one another. 

Hemlock, a blue standard poodle, born in October 1993, left us in February 2006, after a few months of declining health.  He was 12.5.  

Cedar, a black standard poodle, born in November 1996, died much too soon August 4, 2006.  She was diagnosed with pulmonary eosinophilia in late 2005.  She probably had also had asthma for many years.  We were able to slow the progression of lung damage for a few months with steroids, but could not stop it.  



Here is the gang in January 2003.  Cedar is "aerating" the lawn while
Popcorn watches intently and Hemlock keeps an eye out.


Cedar with small mammals

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Cedar in winter

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Cedar and Hemlock, partners in crime

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Cedar at an agility trial in Spokane in 1999


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More dog photos

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