Up Hemlock and Cedar Alder and Camas

Camas and Alder (and Popcorn)

Updated 04/30/2007

Camas. Camas is a generic "farm dog."  She was about 8 years old, plus or minus a year or two, when we adopted her August 22, 2006.  I think she might be a husky/bird dog cross, but who knows?  

Alder. On November 6, 2006, we got a standard poodle puppy, Alder.  Alder is a cream-colored boy.  He was born June 23, 2006 and so was about 4.5 months old when he arrived.  

Popcorn. Poor asocial Popcorn always seems to be added parenthetically, but she has spanned the Hemlock-Cedar era and the Camas-Alder era.  Popcorn is a 13.5 yr old Brittany, Popcorn I acquired via marriage.  Popcorn is a sweet but rather weird dog.  She is battling cancer, but still looks forward to dinnertime and short walks.

Most Recent Photos

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Alder, 10 months, April 28, 2007

Alder_28Apr07.jpg (82758 bytes)

Older Photos

Taken February 2007. Alder (standard poodle, 8 months) and Camas (mixed-breed, 8.5 yrs) 

Alder&Camas_18Feb07b.jpg (119836 bytes) Alder_18Feb07b.jpg (80885 bytes) Alder_18Feb07c.jpg (126626 bytes)


Pictures of Alder and Camas, taken Dec 24, 2006, the day after Alder turned 6 months.

Alder_24Dec06.jpg (142626 bytes) Alder&Camas_24Dec06a.jpg (75070 bytes) Alder&Camas_24Dec06b.jpg (81132 bytes)


Here are a few photos of Camas and of Alder and Camas playing.

Alder_17Nov06a.jpg (47892 bytes) Alder&Camas_17Nov06b.jpg (53609 bytes) Alder&Camas_17Nov06c.jpg (55720 bytes) 

Alder&Camas_17Nov06e.jpg (108391 bytes) Alder&Camas_17Nov06f.jpg (149033 bytes)

A few photos of Camas, taken a couple days after we got her:  

Camas 24Aug06a.jpg (24937 bytes) Camas 24Aug06c.jpg (140322 bytes) Camas 24Aug06e.jpg (143910 bytes)