This is a list of my "better" tokens. I would like to trade these 1:1 for similar items, or for the indicated number of modern USA arcade or other "common" tokens. Any offers will be considered.

About this list.

Last updated 10/14/11

Trade for 3 modern tokens
(2 profiles)/Regem et Reginam Canada Salvtat 1939 (map of Canada), 25mm, thick copper [6390]
Chas. Oberg Newport, Wash./GF 25c in Trade, 24mm, br [10976]
Chas. Oberg Newport, Wash./GF 25c in Trade, 30mm, al [10977]
CEC 1992 "Where a Kid", 25mm, WM (pink), [5699]
Pawtucket RI Diamond Jubilee 1886-1961, GF 50c until Aug. 28, 1961, 31mm, br [7844] 1997-2007 (knight on horseback)/Holy Glen Shire (symbols), 34mm, WM (all incuse) (used at Gig Harbor WA Ren Fair 2007, value $1) [12143]

Trade for 6 modern tokens
El Dorado Hotel Casino Reno NV $1, 37mm, WM [11032] (worn)
Joel Anderson World Coins Merced, CA, $2.50 in trade, 25mm, br [4916]. {As of Sept 2011 Joel Anderson still redeems these at face value}
Monte Carlo Casino, Elko, NV (no date or denomination), 37mm, WM [1231]
Gasamat One Buck Mdse. Token, 40mm, copper [279]
H. T. Phila. One Drachm 3i/(same), 19mm, br [4684]
H. Troemner Phila. Two Drachms 3ii/(same), 21mm, br [6373]
Pepsi-Cola Marca Registarda/Utilicese -----mente en Vendadoras Automaticas, (weak strike), 18mm, copper [502]
Treasure Island Casino, Reno, NV (skull and crossed swords), 37mm, br [1636]
Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (bridge), 29mm, cu? {NY 630 BD} [11127]

Trade for 10 modern tokens
Italo-American Club 138 Globe St. Prov. R.I./GF 10c In Trade, 22mm, br [240]
Wah Chang Albany A Teledyne Company/Zirconium a Nuclear Age Metal, 25mm, round, zirconium [12102]


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