"San Antonio" CEC token - Fantasy

Above is a scan of a photocopy of a rubbing that was sent to a collector I know. I have not been in touch with anyone who has seen an actual token with this city. The rubbing looks good, but until an actual token turns up, it's existance cannot be confirmed.

Update! (Dec. 2005) I just received an e-mail about this token:

I was looking over your CEC page, I don't collect anymore but I saw that rubbing of the San Antonio CEC. I believe, if my memory serves me well, that is something I made up with two tokens to pick at Al Kolhart back in the 80's (I had another token with the San Antonio name at the bottom like the CEC tokens and just did the top rubbing of a regular city named CEC token then slipped in the other token just for the name) and I told him so after the intial shock. My friend Randell Moore and I used to go to San Antonio once a month, to all the CEC's and Showbiz's, also the Malibu's,. we never saw such a thing and I don't think it's real. I'm not 100% positive that rubbing is my old work to pick at my friend, but I do believe it is.

Unless an actual specimen turns up, I have catagorized this as a "fantasy."

Roy Hudnell is offering $500.00 for an example of this token. Send him an e-mail if you have one you want to sell!

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