Where to Get Arras

For a while, the only places I found Arras tokens were in dealer junk boxes and sometimes a few in bulk lots of tokens. I still find some in these places, but they are not really reliable sources.

Store that sell wedding supplies, and especially Catholic wedding supplies, sometimes carry Arras. If you live in an area with a large Hispanic population, check wedding supply stores and jewelry stores. (Few stores will sell singles, so you will probably have to buy 13 and often an expensive container as well).

Web pages that sell Arras tokens

JMcKinley.com has a whole page of Arras coins and boxes for sale, best selection and prices I've seen! Prices start at $10 for a set of 13 tokens (3 types available), tokens also sold with trays or boxes (some quite nice). Images of token sets show design of tokens you will get. Tokens sold with boxes and trays may or may not match tokens in images. Also has a design in sold 14K gold for $675/set (as of 4/2006, will vary with price of gold), and sterling silver for ~$40/set.

DeRemate and Mercado Libre are Spanish auction sites that have people selling Arras tokens fairly often (they did for a while, I haven't seen any listed lately). Prices are reasonable, but it helps to know Spanish, and some sellers do not sell to the USA.

Don Bailey has some Arras for sale at his web site, also gold-plated coins used as Arras, and a lot of other Mexican coins. No pictures, and prices seem a bit on the high side, but about the only regular source for "collector" Arras tokens.

eBay has Arras tokens from time to time (even apart from the ones I list there).

Takak has Arras sets for $5.94 + shipping. These are plated Philippine 25c coins, not tokens.

MyBarong has Arras set "gold basket with gilded gold coins" for $9.95 + ship. (I ordered a set of these, and they are actually plated Philippine 25c coins.) *New* (spring '04) "Unity Coin Sets for Weddings" sets of 13 "coins" with standard design on one side, 13 different designs on the other side. $19.95 + shipping for a set of 13 (gold tone or silver tone). I got a set of these, and they are quite nice. Large, well made, tokens. I have put a scan on my Philippines Arras page.

Barongs R Us has some arras sets, I sent an e-mail and they replied that all of the arras coins they sell are Philippine 25 centavo coins, gold or silver plated.

Circle of Life Gifts has 3 different set of Arras tokens (imported from Italy) for $5.50 each + shipping ($9), also sets of gold plated US dimes. (click on "click here for more Arras" at bottom of page)

Enchantment has a "coach with coins" for $40 + shipping

Essence of E, several fancy boxes with coins or tokens. Prices start at about $30.

Starlite Weddings, several fancy boxes with coins or tokens

Catholic Universe, "plastic box with souvenir coins" (looks like a gold-plated dime and some cheap bangles)

Marilyn's keepsakes has a heart shaped box with 13 gold or silver "coins" for $30.

Simply Charming has a couple arras sets on page 22 of their online catalog. Doesn't look like they sell retail, but you can search for retailers on their web page.

Wedding Accents has a number of Arras sets. All seem to come with pretty fancy holders, and pictures aren't good enough to see designs on tokens.

Wrap With Us has a reasonably priced Arras set. Picture is hard to see, but looks like might be an unusual design (sold out when I last checked) Also has two sets of 13 for just $3.99 each (in stock when I checked)

Joyful Events has several Arras sets with boxes for $24 + shipping. Hard to tell designs from pictures.

Bridal Bags by Helene has several Arras sets, varying prices (some quite inexpensive). Currently have about 3 designs, more expected around Jan. 2005.

Numisart Europa has sets of custom solid silver Arras tokens. Pretty expensive, but nice designs! (web site in Spanish)

Arnett's La Boutique has arras sets with boxes for ~$30-40

Advantage Bridal has some arras sets

Future Memories has some arras sets


The following sites sell Arabic tokens for use at weddings. These are different from Arras, and from what I can gather, they are commonly given by the guests to the bride and groom. Also some good prices on middle-eastern food!

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